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High quality pasta

We care about guaranteeing the highest quality for our products. Because if we are what we eat, we consume it every day.

Nutritional properties

Our pasta is healthy. It is good, easy to prepare and is made with love. These are our ingredients.

100% Italian

Durum wheat flour and water. Nothing else. This is the true recipe for 100% Italian pasta

The benefits

Our pasta is: easily digestible, tasty and yummy, anti-stress and good for the mood.

The recipes

There are a million recipes to experiment with our pasta: in every way you make it, it’s always good!

The passion

Pasta is synonymous with passion. For what we do, for what we eat and for how we eat it.

What is ancient wheat

For ancient wheat we mean all the varieties of wheat cultivated before industrialization, before we began to select wheat for industrial purposes (generally, starting from the 70s of the twentieth century). The term “ancient grains” is purely commercial, and indicates a series of grains that have remained authentic and original, that have not undergone modifications by man.


The ancient wheat is processed in an artisanal way, more slowly and at lower temperatures that do not distort the nutrients. This is why the pasta produced in this way has a high protein content, compared to that processed industrially.

More digestible

Ancient wheat pasta is a lighter and more assimilable product. The lower amount of gluten they contain makes the flour more assimilable by our body compared to modern grains, and this also helps to prevent food intolerances. It is suitable for all types of preparation and is excellent for feeding children.


Cultivating ancient grains means safeguarding biodiversity and uniqueness. Because of their low yield and higher production costs, because they are entirely handcrafted, these grains have risked and are still at risk of disappearing. That’s why it’s a duty to protect them.


Ancient wheat is tastier, more fragrant and has the nostalgic flavor of old flour. The strong points are the characteristic smells and the intense taste of great rusticity, which today is difficult to remember, because accustomed to industrial products created “in a chain” and not with the passion and care of the past.

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