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Our territory

Located in the hamlet of Badia di Montecorona, near Umbertide in the province of Perugia, the Canavelle farm exists from 4 generations. For more than a century it has continued to grow and expand, without ever forgetting the traditions of the past. We love our territory: fertile and prosperous land surrounded by majestic green hills, in the heart of the most beautiful region of Italy, Umbria. This is why we safeguard the environment, using photovoltaic systems that reduce the intake of carbon dioxide and release only clean energy. The production of our pasta is conducted without using synthetic products, such as pesticides or herbicides, exploiting the natural fertility of the soil, to avoid any form of pollution and to produce, as a result, high quality food.

Our work

For the production of our pasta we only use natural fertilizers and pesticides, not chemical synthesis.

We practice crop rotations and careful processing of soil and soil maintenance.

We work with care, dedication, passion and commitment since forever. We are proud of what we do. We are farmers, entrepreneurs and producers.

Our strenghts

  • Care and respect for the environment: because it is important for us to protect our wonderful territory, not going to alter the balance of the soil through the use of artificial techniques.
  • Passion: we love what we do. Working in contact with nature, the green and the land is for us a source of pride and well-being.
  • Dedication and commitment: our crops and all our products are like children, who must be treated day after day, with love and perseverance.

Our pasta

Our pasta is a source of pride. Not only because it is the fruit of commitment and dedication, but also because it is the result of a high quality work.

It is produced at an artisan pasta factory at the foot of the Majella National Park, in Abruzzo, in the province of Pescara.

For the production of pasta we use only our 100% natural and Italian flour. It is entirely drawn in bronze and dried slowly at a low temperature. The last ingredient is pure spring water.

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